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Custom Stone Pendents


Build your own pendent!! Hang it from a necklace of your horse's hair !!

  First I find you a stone which you can choose from pictures I take from my supplier. If you want to supply your own stone this is okay also, Choose from rutalated quartz with golden rays in quartz or bicolored quartz half citrine and half smokey quartz. You could also choose tourmalated quartz with dark fibers running thorough clear quartz gemsone. You can also choose from the countless cabochons of jaspers and agates available to me. After you have chosen that special gemstone you decide if you want it set in sterling silver, yellow, white or rose gold. The pendent can be accented with horseshoes, stirrups or another equine accent. Price varies with options!! We are the premier of horse hair jewelry 

          Make your Jewelry piece special by making a necklace or bracelet with your Horse's Hair!

          Have a special memory of your best friend with our custom horse hair jewelry

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