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About The Artist

402388-326550220713671-867663294-n.jpgMy jewelry style is reflected in the color, shape and feel of the stones. Compliments in color and balance are what I strive for when I put a piece together. My ideas are created from observing colors in nature and in everyday life. Since I was a little girl I have been awed by the beauty found within stones and silver. So much so, I drove my family crazy with the sounds of stones in my tumbler. My other childhood loves were art and horses.

When I grew up, silver became my prefered metal of choice. I enjoy the process of applying stress to the silver and then applying texture to enhance a piece. When I make chain I like to observe traditional patterns of chain and interpret them for myself. Some of my patterns are from history and others are from chains used on a horse’s bridle. I am a saddle bred owner and my late husband was a horse trainer. Horses influence my art and are a huge part of my family. My son Tyler also shows. 

Thanks for taking the time to view my art.

Lee Parker


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